M&E Journal: The Pillars of WiTH: A Year of Empowerment and Inclusion

In the world of media and entertainment technology, where innovation creates magic on screen, there’s an even more enchanting story behind the scenes – a story of empowerment, equity, and inclusion.

Women in Technology: Hollywood (WiTH) Foundation is at the forefront of this transformative narrative, and as we look ahead to the year to come, we are excited to share our accomplishments from the past year and the path we are forging towards a brighter future.

WiTH’s Pillars of Action

At the heart of WiTH’s mission are three pillars of action that drive our efforts:

Professional development: WiTH is committed to leveraging our resources to broaden the collective expertise of women in technology. Through various initiatives, we empower our members to continually expand their skills and knowledge.

Mentoring and networking: Connection, inspiration, and encouragement are the cornerstones of WiTH’s mentoring and networking initiatives. We believe in fostering growth in our professional network and providing mentorship opportunities to sup- port the careers of women in technology.

Community engagement: WiTH members are avid ambassadors of technology, and we are dedicated to encouraging youth, particularly girls and women, to pursue careers in our field. Through community outreach and partnerships with non-profit organizations, we are making a difference in the lives of aspiring technologists.

Making a difference: Lifting all aspirations

At WiTH, we firmly believe that lifting the aspirations and careers of one raises all. Our organization stands for:

Curiosity: We encourage exploring paths to fuel learning and growth, constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

Belonging: WiTH celebrates and respects our differences while making space where we can unleash our unique genius. We believe that every voice matters, every identity is celebrated, and we create an inclusive environment where everyone can thrive.

Leadership: WiTH is about blazing new trails to confidence, courage, vision, and joy. We empower women to become bold leaders in the world of technology.


Throughout the year, WiTH members gather at various events to connect, inspire, and drive our mission forward. Here are some of our key events:

# WiTH Leadership Awards: These awards honor contributors who serve as role mod- els and mentors, empowering women to be bold leaders in technology.

# SoCal Women’s Leadership Summit: This event is designed to inform and inspire members around issues vital to the community, creating a platform for discussion and action.

# WiTH Workshops: We host periodic educational and interactive events featuring keynote speakers and round table discussions with industry leaders, both in-person and online.

# KC4I Mentorship Program: We facilitate a group mentorship initiative focused on connecting high-performing diverse technologists with executive advocates and allies in the media and entertainment industry. Its goal is to empower participants to drive positive change in their communities and workplaces, with each knowledge circle offering opportunities for peer learning, networking, and professional development.

WiTH’s impact in numbers

WiTH’s commitment to making a difference in the lives of women in technology is evident in our impact:

# More than 700 lives impacted throughout the charitable organi- zation that we support

# $100,000 donated to support new technology, scholarships, and educational opportunities

Get involved and support WiTH

Supporting the Women in Technology: Hollywood Foundation is crucial to advancing our mission. There are several ways to get involved:

# Donation: You can donate directly to support our efforts. Your contributions help us continue our work in empowering women in technology.

# Newsletter subscription: Stay up to date on women’s initiatives in the entertainment technology field by subscribing to our weekly newsletter.

# Committee participation: If you’re looking to actively contribute to the industry’s progress, joining one of WiTH’s committees is a great way to make an impact.

Be a part of our story

In the world of media and entertainment technology, where technology creates the canvas for dreams, WiTH Foundation is weaving a narrative of unity, belonging, and empowerment.

Together, we can turn aspirations into achievements and create a lasting impact that resonates far beyond Hollywood’s horizons.

Join us in scripting a new narrative where inclusion is the spot- light’s true star. Support the Women in Technology: Hollywood Foundation and be a catalyst for change in the industry. Connect with us at withollywood.org or [email protected].

Let’s create a world where technology is a canvas for all dreams, and every aspiring technologist finds their path to success.

* By Christina Aguilera, President, WiTH Foundation *


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