EIDR’s Kroon, WaveSeven’s Crosby Co-Author Metadata Paper

Richard Kroon, EIDR’s director of technical operations, and Cameron Crosby, partner with media and entertainment consulting firm WaveSeven, have co-authored a paper for the “Journal of Digital Media Management.”

The paper — “Media and Entertainment Metadata Governance” — offers insights into the role of data-driven strategies in media and entertainment, “unravelling the symbiotic relationship between content and data in shaping industry success,” the abstract of the paper reads.

“The paper explores how effective data governance is essential for navigating the complexities of content creation, distribution, usage, and adaptation, and addresses the challenges and nuances unique to the industry,” it continues. “The cited research highlights the multifaceted nature of data governance, emphasizing the need for strategies that align with a complex and evolving industry. The insights in this paper help pave the way for media and entertainment entities to harness data governance as an enabler of innovation and excellence, rather than a burden to bear.”

The paper shares insights into the history of data-driven content decision-making, the importance of a successful data governance strategy within an organization, the complexities of content and data version management throughout the worldwide content supply chain, and how EIDR has helped ease the workload when it comes to content identification.

“The intricate web of media and entertainment thrives on content, but quality and reliable data fuels its success,” the paper concludes. “The fusion of creative excellence and strategic data governance defines the industry’s future, enabling seamless content delivery, targeting and satisfying diverse audience preferences, and unlocking additional value throughout the supply chain for the individual participants.

“Rather than viewing data governance as a barrier or a cudgel, embrace it as a catalyst for innovation. With this approach, media and entertainment companies can transcend challenges and carve a path toward sustained excellence and profitability in a dynamic and highly competitive landscape.”

To read the paper click here.