Qumulo Reduces Complexity for Customers on AWS With New Transparent Pricing

Qumulo has launched new transparent pricing options on AWS, resulting in cloud file software 50% lower cost than competitive solutions. Qumulo offers two purchasing options: pay-as-you-go, and 1-year prepaid.

For pay-as-you-go, the new pricing enables customers to start small and scale to petabytes of data, using only a credit card to pay by the hour. Now, burst workloads can take advantage of compelling pay-as-you-go prices without an upfront commitment.

For 1-year prepaid, Qumulo offers a market-leading and transparent price, which allows customers to get set up and scale more quickly. For customers with sustained workloads, they can now seamlessly opt into a 1-year commitment in the AWS marketplace with no negotiation required.

“Budget and pricing complexity should not be a barrier to adopting cloud solutions. Customers deserve transparent and flexible purchasing options so they can focus on the data that powers their businesses,” said Bill Richter, CEO of Qumulo. “Our customers are managing data-intensive workloads that demand incredible scalability, and Qumulo is constantly innovating to deliver petabyte-scale simplicity and performance at lower cost, in any environment from the data center to public cloud.”

Qumulo for AWS is the world’s most efficient, high-performance file storage in the public cloud and runs natively on AWS. Qumulo provides an industry-leading support experience across on-prem and cloud simplifying infrastructure management. More customers are adopting Qumulo on AWS as they move their petabyte-scale workloads to the cloud.

“Without a high-performance file system in the cloud, our workflow would be impossible,” said Jason Fotter, CTO of FuseFX. “Qumulo is at the foundation of our AWS storage solution. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to expand to the capacity that we have.”