CloudOak Partners With Wasabi (HITS)

CloudOak has announced the official technical validation of the CUBE with Wasabi, the hot cloud storage company, and their new status as a Wasabi partner. All MSP and channel partners servicing small and medium enterprise businesses, along with the CloudOak CUBE can now easily integrate with Wasabi’s affordable and fast hot cloud storage to improve the bottom line for everyone as part of a hybrid cloud-centric environment.

The new partnership provides immediate and substantial cost savings along with enhanced performance as compared to first-generation cloud services or traditional on-prem solutions. All Managed Service Providers (MSP’s) globally can now provide the most cost effective BaaS, archive and long term retention via the CloudOak new SMB and SME cloud-centric solution.

“We are very pleased to have formed a partnership with innovators like Wasabi who truly understand the cloud, their position within it and how it aligns perfectly with what CloudOak’s vision is for the SME/SMB market,” states Jeff Collier, CEO of CloudOak. “The goal of our cloud-centric approach with our CUBE today and with new solutions moving forward, is to offer the partner choice. Partners can leverage on-premise only, private cloud, existing public cloud and emerging public cloud providers. In today’s ever changing technology world, choice and monetization of public cloud platforms has to be a top priority for MSP’s,” says Petrus Human, CTO of CloudOak. “Wasabi has emerged as a platform of choice for many partners. With an intuitive and very easy to use interface, Wasabi has created a hot cloud storage platform that has all the features and functionality of the major providers at a fraction of the cost. It is a very impressive solution and one that I am very happy to partner with moving forward,” says Human.

With the Wasabi and CloudOak partnership, IT service partners can integrate their hybrid cloud “as-a-service” business approach with CloudOak’s business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) hardware appliance and with Wasabi’s industry leading hot storage platform, resulting in an SMB focused affordable cloud storage option. Together, CloudOak and Wasabi allow customers to backup their vital business systems and data quickly and reliably to an industry changing, affordable and higher performing cloud storage service for ultimate and cost effective protection.

“CloudOak’s solution with Wasabi highlights the benefit of bundling two innovative technologies that together benefit both partners as well as the end customer. CloudOak’s small and medium enterprise customers will realize significant cost savings to enhance their bottom line while providing superior performance with the ability to scale with the next generation of data needs,” shares David Friend, CEO of Wasabi.”

Available now, all customers utilizing Wasabi and CloudOak will have access to affordable limitless cloud storage to serve any need including second copy backup, primary copy backup, disaster recovery backup or long-term archive, all at the industry’s most affordable rates. MSPs can now leverage this disruptive cloud storage solution, and take part in the trend of hybrid cloud and multi-cloud environments integrating their BaaS and DRaaS business options.