M&E Journal: Your Customer Journey Starts With Digital Transformation

By Jade McQueen, Senior Managing Director, M&E, Box

The entertainment industry saw a massive consolidation last year with some of the biggest players joining forces and reshaping the industry for its next chapter: transitioning into a direct-to-consumer model. Simultaneously, companies across every industry are dealing with an ever-increasing amount of content creation and an onslaught of security threats and compliance requirements.

Let’s take a look at three ways that companies in the M&E industry can do to stay at the forefront of the digital transformation movement to propel this next D2C evolution of their business.

Reimagine the user experience of your workforce

Across all industries, but M&E in particular, employees and crews must be enabled to work across virtual teams, get to the data they need to make better decisions, faster, and work from anywhere. Today’s workforce wants to work with the apps and tools of their choosing, that suit their work style and job function. Leveraging a central cloud content management platform ensures secure collaboration internally and externally with partners and vendors — helping to compete effectively to secure and nurture customer spend.

Leverage AI

The emergence of artificial intelligence is a game changer for the media and entertainment industry because it can deliver business insights at scale such as understanding customer behaviors, patterns and sensitivities. AI can also accelerate digitizing processes from on-boarding and production to streamlining the content creation process. A studio can launch its next global franchise more effectively by leveraging artificial intelligence to process, analyze and extract value from its data as well as ensure brand management from one single location. This is not be possible with legacy enterprise content management (ECM) systems, siloed data or disparate, non-connected content systems.

Keep security at the forefront

M&E companies deal with increasingly sensitive and proprietary content, from talent agreements to pre-release trailers, cuts and full length features. It’s vital that they chose a cloud content management system that protects their company’s most valuable data and IP. Collecting customer information and global regulation such as GDPR adds to the complexity of managing content securely. With Box, companies can ensure secure collaboration internally and externally, closely monitor activity and detect anomalies fast with Box Shield.

Box Governance insures GDPR and content classification without compromising ease of use.

The digital business applications for cloud content management in the M&E industry are plentiful and growing every day, and the customer is always at the forefront. We’re only starting to scratch the surface when it comes to harnessing the power of cloud content management to enhance, protect and propel the media and entertainment industry to the next phase of a direct-to-consumer model across the and the next several years.


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